All Sewn Up- A Sally Cosplay!

The kind-hearted doll, Sally, spends her days in her Rapunzel-esque keepings with the creepy Doctor Finklestein. Her dreams of a great love become realized thanks to the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington. Unfortunately, he’s very much preoccupied with some newly-hatched Holiday plans. Poor Sally, maybe a little care package would get his attention?

sally-cosplay-2What can I say? You see these pictures. Cosplayer Urei went all out. Every detail that could be captured is there, from the multi-patterned dress, to the perfectly painted eye makeup. Urei creates an expressive cartoon eye illusion that replicates Sally’s sweet emotions, and each stitch is there from her face to her legs. The settings and props in this photoshoot just get you in the mood to sit down and watch the movie. Can’t applaud this costume loud enough!




Photography by Ningen Sankyaku.



Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz