All That’s Cosplay Interview: ATC’s Femme Fatale Nicole Salera


At All That’s Cosplay, we have a bunch of extremely talented cosplayers that we are happy to have as part of our staff.  One of those talented team members is the beautiful Nicole Salera.  I first met Nicole at San Diego Comic-Con, where she was surrounded by tons of fans looking to take pictures of her in her incredibly well-done Black Widow cosplay.  Instantly I thought that this up-and-coming cosplayer had an astonishing amount of potential.  It is without a doubt that Nicole Salera is on her way to the top in the cosplay community, and we are glad to have her as part of the All That’s Cosplay team.


Since you will be seeing a lot of Nicole, we figured we would sit down for a Q&A to get you all familiar with Nicole, who she is as a person, and her journey through the world of cosplay.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the epic video interview with Nicole Salera.

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