All That’s Cosplay Interview: ATC’s Sinfully Gorgeous Zombie Bit Me


This past month, our already incredible roster of staff members at All That’s Cosplay was made just that much more epic as we announced that renowned cosplayer Shantel Knight, known in the cosplay community as Zombie Bit Me, would be joining the crew.  Since then, she has put out epic videos including coverage of her at Fan Expo Canada and also showcasing Fan Expo’s booming night life.  While you may have seen her in these videos, there could be the very slim chance that you are not familiar with Zombie Bit Me or her journeys through the world of cosplay.  We have you covered as we sat down with Zombie and had her answer a few questions to give you an insight into her cosplay, as well as personal, background.

Check out the video below and stay tuned to All That’s Cosplay for more of Zombie Bit Me!