All That’s Cosplay Interview: Get to Know the Adorable Purblind Cosplay


Talented cosplayer Purblind is one you should definitely watch out for. We have featured her in the past as she sported her incredible cosplay of Tharja from Fire Emblem as well as being included in our Fan Expo Canada 2014 Cosplay Video. This up-and-coming cosplayer has created multiple absolutely amazing cosplays, including Ryuko from Kill la Kill and the zainy Jinx from League of Legends. We certainly expect great things from Purblind, so we sat down with her and asked her a few questions about cosplay and her interests.

Read our interview with Purblind Cosplay below, where you will also find a video of Purblind in action as Ryuko!


ATC: So you are relatively new to cosplay, but have you always been a fan?

Purblind: Oh definitely I was always super nerdy and super into dressing up. But I didn’t know I could go places to dress up, other than my house (laughs).

ATC: So today you are dressed as Ryuko from Kill la Kill but a funny off-shoot version. How did this costume come about?

Purblind: My friend Alex an I were at Value Village (a local thrift store chain), and we were walking through fabric section when we saw this fleece and it was five dollars. And my friend looked at me and said if your not getting it, i’m getting it for you. So it got it for me, and this costume happened when the wig for my planned costume didn’t arrive in time.

ATC: Any particular challenges with making this costume?

Purblind: Making pants that fit my ass (laughs) it was really difficult. And the Senketsu scarf was a bit difficult, but I used a coat hanger to give it it’s rigid shape. So it’s kind of a mix between a prop and clothing. But I’m really happy with it.

ATC: So he very first costume I ever saw you in was your Jinx from League of Legends cosplay, and it was amazing, like a character come to life, right down to the crazy laugh. So tell me the allure of Jinx to you.

P: Basically I came home on the day she was introduced in the “Get Jinxed” video . I opened up my League client and watched it, and I instantly fell in love. I sent it my friend who said “holy crap that’s you. You need to do that.” So I began planning it in September 2013, and didn’t debut it until March 2014 , because I wanted it to be perfect.

ATC: So naturally being such a fan of Jinx comes as a result of being a League of Legends player. Why do you enjoy the game?

P: It was weird, I actually hated it a t first, I couldn’t stand it because a lot of the people on there were really mean to me. But then I ended up finding a group of people that I meshed really well with and we all play together. We’ll all just be on a skype call playing and swearing and goofing off and having a great time. I also really like going to the events , because I get recognized as “that Jinx” .

ATC: So speaking more about the character your wearing, Ryuko. Would you agree that she is basically one of the ultimate female characters in anime?

ATC: Yes, and it’s one of the reasons I love her so much. Basically the reason I cosplay her so much is because she is so much of what I wanna be and what I wanna see in myself. Anytime someone tells me “I see Ryuko and I think of you ” I get so teared up and emotional because that’s how much she means to me.

ATC: So just some wrapping up questions, who are some of your favorite cosplayers, local to us here in Canada and beyond?

P: Well locally a lot of my favorite cosplayers are friends of mine, like VickyBunny Angel, Gillykins, Honeysaliva , my dear friends Becketry Cosplay and Briggite Quinn Cosplay there’s just so many!

Internationally, I’m a huge fan of Jessica Nigri, Stella Chu, CeruleanDraco, MostFlogged . Maki Rolls Chop shop for her amazing final form Senketsu.

ATC: So final question what’s next for you costume and convention wise?

ATC: Next i’m going to the League of Legends finals stream here in Toronto, where I will be wearing Mafia Jinx for it’s debut.. And after that it’s just Halloween fun , I will be making the Bishoujo Figure version of Jason Vorhees .




Created by Joshy T