Cosplayer of the Year Winner is the Beautiful Riddle

Cosplay ignited big time in 2012 with the help of social networks, conventions and many sites doing featured articles on cosplayers.  Since we are such huge fans of cosplay, we have just launched a dedicated section on the site called All That’s Cosplay.

Over the past year we have seen so many amazing cosplayers set the Internet on fire with amazing costumes and photographs. With it now being the beginning of 2013, we decided to reveal our 2012 pick for Cosplayer of the Year. She is the incredibly talented and beautiful Riddle.


What makes Riddle absolutely amazing is not only how talented she is with her costume creations, but how every image she does, she really transforms into that character she is cosplaying as, while also completely surpassing the source material. Looking at Riddle’s pictures you can tell she is an artist and paints you a story with every photo. She could be the most adorable Snow White you’ve ever seen, or the true Queen of all Princess Leia cosplayers. With the combination of some very talented photographers, countless hours of detailed costume making, and the absolutely beautiful Riddle, magic is always made in a wealth of astonishing photos that truly bring each character to life.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you All That’s Cosplay Cosplayer of the Year: Riddle!

Black Cat


(Photo Taken by Jay Tablante)

Princess Leia



(Photo Taken by Benny Lee)

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Dr-Mrs-the-Monarch-Riddle-   Dr-Mrs-the-Monarch-Riddle-2-

(Photo Taken by Bryan Humphrey)

 Snow White


(Photo Taken by Jenny Barclay)


Snow White Riddle

(Photo’s Taken by Benny Lee)




To see more of All That’s Cosplay’s 2012 Cosplayer of the Year Riddle, make sure to check her out at:






Also if you want to deck out your place with some amazing prints of Riddle, make sure you check out her store for some High Res Photos! Best of all, the beauty will sign it for you!

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