ATC’s Own AlienQueen Cosplays Soul Calibur’s Tira

Tira has made an appearance in multiple Soul Calibur games. Nicknamed ‘The Misguided Angel of Death’, it is obvious that she is a formiddable opponent who only wants to witness your destruction. Trained how to fight and kill from a very young age, Tira grew up around death, and is almost immune to the act of killing. Twirling her powerful weapon, the Ring Blade, around her limbs in a fashion that looks like she is almost dancing, she will happily slice you open and do so with style. With insanely quick reflexes and a flexible physique, good luck to the poor fella trying to take this girl down!

tira-cosplay-2Our very own talented cosplay writer, AlienQueen, decided to create her very own costume of the young battle master. Scantily clad in her green outfit and with the Ring Blade by her side, AlienQueen’s costume is spot on, with a photoshoot using poses that Tira would, and has, done herself!


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Photography by Darren Rowley.