All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: Flashback to FernGully with this Adorable Crysta Cosplay!


90s children know the magic of FernGully: The Last Rainforest. We got to explore the world as we followed the spunky fairy, Crysta. Refusing to believe that humans are extinct, Crysta goes beyond FernGully towards Mount Warning. On her trip, she finds that humans are still alive and that an old danger has returned.

crysta-cosplay-2Photography by FigmentsMedia

Every girl could identify with Crysta on some level, whether it was her curiosity, naiveté, loyalty, or bravery. She was the girl we identified with and the girl that we aspired to be. Crysta does it all: she leaves the nest to explore the world, falls in love, defeats the monster, saves the forest, and comes into her full powers and maturity. She is such a great character that we don’t see cosplayed nearly enough!


Our very own Rennie Starks brings us this delightful cosplay of Crysta! Rennie is a lovely cosplayer who delves into the art from start to finish. She is a costume maker, performer, and commissioner. She is adorable and spunky just like Crysta. Her smile is infectious and you can tell by her cosplays and her writing that she truly appreciates the act. Rennie’s cosplay wardrobe is full of costumes from movies, cartoons, video games, and more! If you’re looking for a super fun cosplayer with a great attitude, be sure to go check out the lovely Rennie Stark’s author page, ‘like’ her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter!

crysta-cosplay-4Photography by Short Fuse Pinups




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