All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: A Larger Than Life Cosplay of a Very Tiny Character- Thumbelina!

A Don Bluth classic and childhood favorite, Thumbelina left everybody wanting to shrink down to pinky size and run amok through their own backyard. Thumbelina’s odd and tiny lifestyle on her mothers’ farm was only the beginning to her exciting story! She dreamt of a romance with a fairy tale prince from her storybooks, and when her wish to meet such a man is granted, she is delighted to see that he is just as small as her! Adventures ensue when she finds herself lost in quite a large and unknown world. Unbeknownst to Thumbelina, her journey won’t be smooth sailing, seeing as everybody she comes across would very much like to wed the long-haired beauty!


As if Ryoko Demon could ever stop impressing us! She breathes uncanny and colorful life into every character she takes on, and we’re certain we’ll never get enough of it! With each costume, we find ourselves silenced and in awe of her hard work! Plus, she pairs up with incredibly impressive photographers, and when you mix the two, you’re sure to get amazing results!


For her Thumbelina costume, she takes a clean and solid approach, and it’s nothing short of impressive. The autumn rich orange hair is the main key to getting that Thumbelina flair, and she has very much succeeded here! The sweet light blue and saturated teal is simplistic and iconic, and she creates the perfect silhouette with those cute stuffed sleeves! Absolutely perfect!


To gawk at many more of Ryoko-Demon’s impressive costume collection, check her out on DeviantArt!

Photography by Kifir.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz