Leeloo Dallas Cosplay Brings the Orange-Haired Beauty to Life

Boom, big ba-da boom! That line might immediately bring memories of a certain orange haired woman, just gathering her bearings on the world that we know – or may know in the future. The movie that the quote hails from, as some fans may know, is The Fifth Element, which made its big screen debut on May 7th, 1997. Since some have given the movie the title “classic” re-watching it as they pleased, and sometimes getting those around them to watch The Fifth Element for the first time. With a cast including Bruce Willish, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich — who played Leeloo Dallas, and Chris Tucker it’s no wonder the movie has received such high praises and continues to as we speak – cough, cough it’s on Netflix if you’re interested in watching it.

The Fifth Element Leeloo Dallas Cosplay by Raffi

Leeloo Dallas Cosplay

Fifth Element Leeloo Dallas Cosplay

Being such an iconic movie with characters one could easily fall in love with, it’s not a surprise that cosplayers have taken to donning costumes of the characters. Leeloo Dallas, being the leading lady and the girl so many are after within the movie, seems to be a popular choice amongst cosplayers. Leeloo has striking orange hair, pale beautiful features and shows her worth is smarts and the ability to take down enemies with her bare hands. The qualities that Leeloo Dallas possesses makes her more than admirable and a perfect candidate for cosplay. Speaking of perfect, Raffi’s take on Leeloo is spot on. Chick-en good, and so is this cosplay!

Leeloo Cosplay

Photography by Ayashige