All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double!

Hey, retro fanboys and girls! The time has come to glorify another retro title. Emerging to the United States in the 90’s, this classic game, later turned into a TV series with multiple spin-off movies, captured our childish hearts and taught us how to take care of virtual pets- well actually, we just let them get their butts kicked. But nonetheless, we loved and supported them through their bashes and bruises! This franchise is none other than the much-loved ‘Pokemon’.

team-rocket-cosplay-3Whether our little fingers were wrapped around a Game Boy system, or our brains strategically attempting to figure out how to play the Pokemon card game; or whether flipping through the pages of the Pokemon manga, or merely kicking back and watching the TV series, it was nearly unheard of to never have immersed yourself in Pokemon in some form. Nintendo’s Pokemon was, and still is to this day, one of the highest-grossing gaming series ever. And that is all due to the immersive combat and leveling systems, lovable Pokemon and collecting aspects, and of course, the devoted fans showing their undying affection over the past 17 years.

team-rocket-cosplay-4There were many characters in the Pokemon universe to fall in love with. From Ash and Pikachu to Misty and Brock, every fan had their favorites, and their favorite Pokemon to boot. However, there are two characters, and one Pokemon, who seemed to have made the Pokemon naughty list. On an endless mission to sabotage Ash and the gang, Team Rocket, composed of Jessie, James, and their Pokemon pal, Meowth, the trio desperately want to get their hands on Ash’s lovable Pikachu. But there’s no way Ash would ever let go of his best friend without a fight! A fight that Team Rocket never seems to be able to win.

team-rocket-cosplay-6Even though Team Rocket may have been the villains in the Pokemon series, they were nonetheless intriguing, and it is without a doubt that many fans of the series feel a sort of nostalgia-bearing compassion for them. So, to showcase their love and affection for the series, a few talented cosplayers have created costumes in honor of Team Rocket. And it is without question that cosplayers Ryoko-Demon and Malro have composed one of the most amazing renditions of the disastrous duo to ever hit the cosplay scene. With perfect wigs, spot-on costumes, and the much-needed Meowth by their side, Ryoko and Malro’s personifications are truly something to marvel at.



Photography by Kifir.


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