Amazing Anime Cosplay Tuesday: Take on Ravenous Zombies with Rei!

High school can be an extremely perplexing time for teenagers who seem to constantly struggle to comprehend what love is all about—add a sea of walking corpses with a taste for fresh flesh and you have a pandemic that will forever change the naive perception of young Rei Miyamoto’s view of the world around her. The day that zombies began feasting on the tasty flesh of the staff at Fujimi Academy, Rei, vice president of the sōjutsu club, was forced to realize and promptly accept that just like in the movies—the dead were actually walking around with blood-stained teeth, rotting away as they relentlessly chewed their way through helpless students right before her very eyes.

rei-cosplay-2Quickly realizing that the only way to survive was to make it out of Fujimi Academy alive to find her father, Rei utilizes a broken broom handle with a sharp metal end as her spear in order to escape the zombie infested halls. With skill and determination, Rei manages to escape the once secured gates of Fujimi Academy with a small group of her peers to search for their parents and loved ones. Rei’s sweet and caring personality, in addition to her exceptional skills with both a spear and a M1A1 Rifle, help to keep the group alive as zombies continuously take over the streets at exponential rate.

rei-cosplay-3In her tattered green and white academy uniform, Cosplayer LexiStrife executes Rei’s character with precision and talent—leaving her fans to feel as if she ran like crazy, brushing off red rain, with a will to survive. With her makeshift spear gripped tightly in her hands, we can clearly see that LexiStrife means to end any zombie that crosses her path.

Photography by Chrisphoto


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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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