This Amazing League of Legends Cosplay will Leave you Jinxed!

League of Legends has long been known for their diverse characters.  With whatever kind of woman, man or creature you want to play, Riot has something for you. Add that to the fact that League of Legends is a free game, and you have a recipe that is destined for fun. One of the most popular female Champions of late, Jinx, has been noted by the creators of the game to be inspired by the Joker, Gollum and Helena Bonham Carter.


The newest addition to the range of champions in League of Legends, Jinx has quickly become a fan favourite. To introduce her, Riot tried something new: they released a music video featuring the mayhem loving Jinx herself, and with the help of explosions and adorable smiles, she proceeded to win the hearts of many a player out there. Before the music video however, Jinx introduced herself to the League of Legends community by vandalizing pages for other champions.


This amazing cosplay was made by Helimatra. Everything, from the long blue hair, flawlessly braided, to the tattoos on her arm and stomach makes this cosplay one of the greatest I’ve seen so far of Jinx. And with the red eyes, she just manages to round off a cosplay that leaves me with joy, and a slightly devious smile.

See more of Helimatra’s cosplays on her deviantART page.

Photography by Jeroen Weimar.



Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay