An Amazingly Enchanting Cosplay of Princess Menace from Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade was first published in 2005, but has since turned into a multimedia franchise. From manga to anime and gamebooks to video games, Queen’s Blade has always been known for its all female, all sexual, cast. The overall plot of the series being the Queen’s Blade tournament that decides who will be the Queen. The gamebooks consists of 10 books, all revolving around various female contenders for the throne.


Ancient Princess Menace started her life around 4000 years ago. During her first life, she lived in ancient Egypt, a princess surrounded by luxury, until she was killed by Anarista, who was ironically enough hired to train her in unarmed combat. 4000 years later Menace was resurrected to become a part of an army, but she broke free of the army and started out on her own. Princess Menace is a powerful sorceress and wields the ability to summon both black flames and a powerful talking sceptre named Setora.


This incredible cosplay is by Nana, and has managed to capture the likeness of Princess Menace to a T. This is not an easy cosplay to pull off, but Nana makes it look easy and flawless.  View more of Nana at her Facebook and DeviantArt pages.



Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay