Amy Pond and the Doctor: An Epic Cosplay Duo

When the Doctor is summoned to Alfava Metraxis by the mysterious River Song, he and his companion, Amy Pond, are in for a terrifying surprise when faced with the deadly Weeping Angels. Through the Maze of the Dead they enter.  Will they reach their destination safely? The angles can only move when they are not seen, so turning your back at any given moment will only allow them to creep upon you ever so much closer…
doctor-who-cosplay-2A fan favorite in the Doctor Who fandom, the two part episode about the nightmarish angels, has been recreated stunningly! Cosplayers Crystal Panda and Kota don their individual characters with a wonderful likenesses, along with Gili, portraying the spooky Weeping Angels. A very theatrical shoot, brought to life by photographer Roy-Ba, is rich in color, and dripping with emotion. Each image captures an eerie mood and the palpable fear. The entire photo shoot is absolutely wonderful!!

doctor-who-cosplay-3Photography by Roy-Ba.

Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz