An Adorably Fierce Cosplay of Cynder from Skylanders

Skylanders is an incredible video game series for children and adults alike.  Although I am in my mid-20’s, I am surely proud of my growing Skylanders collection.  There are so many Skylanders figurines that you can put on your Skylanders Portal and play as in-game.  Each character has a unique appearance along with a unique skillset and battle moves that allow you to have a new play experience each time.


Cosplayer Misa Lynn cosplays as one of the Skylanders evolving from the Spyro franchise, Cynder, in this absolutely adorable cosplay.  Misa makes a perfect little dragon, with pointy teeth and bony armor.  Check out Misa Lynn on Facebook to see even more wonderful cosplays!



Photography by Saturn 7 Photography and Coolsteel27 Photography