An Ahri Cosplay to Make Your Heart Melt

Ahri is half human and half fox. However, she wasn’t always this way. She had started out as a beautiful, white fox, but had always dreamt of becoming human. One day, her wish was granted and her fur melted off and became the flesh of what she had coveted for so long. Unfortunately, everything comes with a price. Albeit Ahri was already stunning, she used her powers of seduction to coerce unsuspecting men to her to then steal their life force. What Ahri didn’t expect to get with her transformation was morals, and in order to atone for her crimes, Ahri joined the League of Legends in hopes of saving her morality.

After seeing  Sayla Cosplay’s Ahri, I can see how she can easily lure men into her soul stealing trap. She certainly does the seven tailed fox great justice in her beauty. The costume is equally as amazing. The cosplay shows great craftsmanship. I cannot fathom the amount of work it takes to let alone make the tails, but to have them stand up is a feat in itself! Impressive work by Sayla Cosplay.

Photography by Sweet Sensation Photography



Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten