An Akame Cosplay That’s Deadly and Beautiful

This Akame cosplay is deadly and beautiful. The raven-haired beauty is stoic and mysterious. She is a main protagonist of the popular anime Akame Ga Kill! Akame is well-respected for her beauty and fighting skills. She moves alongside the Night Raid against the evil Empire that seeks to control them. Like the other members, she carries a Teigu named Murasame.

Teigus are powerful relics wielded by only the strongest warriors. Murasame is a deadly one to come up against. Akame’s Teigu is truly one of a kind and she must use incredible control to brandish it properly.

Akame Cosplay by Tamayaki Cosplay

akame-cosplay-2Photography by Jayson Tran Photography

Due to Akame’s somewhat cold nature she is perceived as being somewhat cruel. In reality, she is truly a very emotional and caring person. She was molded into employing heavy control over her emotions in order to be a stronger fighter. Akame does not have sympathy for her foes. She is a vicious fighter to engage.

akame-cosplay-3Photography by Kelly Dun Photography

The lovely Tamayaki Cosplay here shows a beautiful rendition of Akame’s classic schoolgirl-esque outfit. Striking in her stance and looking at the camera with a controlled calmness, Tamayaki capture’s Akame’s essence perfectly. Holding her Teigu with pride, every inch of her cosplay is accurate and well put together. A simple costume, but with fine attention to detail, Tamyaki manages to perfectly portray Akame’s personality, strength, and beauty all at once.

akame-cosplay-1Photography by Harrison’s Anime Photography