An Amazing Cosplay of Kat from DmC

On Monday we wrote up a cosplay article on a fem Dante cosplay and we figured, Why stop with the Devil May Cry fun there? Another awesome main character of Devil May Cry is Kat. we get caught in her story when Dante helps her to free her arrest during the game. Kat is very important in the game and aids Dante throughout. She has a sweet and innocent nature, and is always willing to help out, especially Vergil as she possesses strong feelings for him.

Kat was an orphaned child who could see demons. She was considered crazy and put on drugs, which kept her weak and docile. Through Vergil, she learnt her skills to cast Wiccan spells and also gained knowledge about demonology and occultism. This helped her concentrate on something rather than her nightmare of a past.

FaultyFrame’s Kat is stunning.  Even though the character design is simple, her version of it makes it striking, showing how concentrating on the details is really important to finish off the look of a character. The gradient dye on the hoodie from red to grey is very professionally done. I love the tattoos on the hands and forehead, the sign of an artistry that Kat uses through her spray paint to cast spells.


Photography by AnnetVoronaya

Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen