An Awesome Cosplay of the G.I. Joe Destruction Queen Baroness


G.I. Joe is a series of military science action films that were based on the toy, comic, and media franchises. The G.I. Joe Team is an elite military unit constituted of special operatives. They attempt to take down their mortal enemy, a rebellious organization known as COBRA.


One of the most epic COBRA Intelligence Officers is Baroness. She is extremely intelligent and makes for an amazing pilot. She is also very capable of destroying anything and anybody who gets in her way. She’s a weapon master and a qualified tank operator. She was born into a wealthy family of European aristocrats. She went from student radicalism to international terrorism to the ranks of COBRA. Her weakness is in dividing her loyalty between COBRA and DESTRO. However, she does know how to play them against each other.


Daelyth portrays Baroness perfectly with her bad-girl attitude. She appears to be very gorgeous and even more fierce. Her expressions exhibit toughness and confidence. Her costume is sleek and true to the character. We love every aspect of this incredibly accurate cosplay.

Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman