An Elegant White Queen Cosplay!

The rightful Queen of Underland spends her days waiting. Waiting for a hero to come. She needs much assistance with her horrid sister Iracebeth, The Red Queen. Much to her dismay, awful memories of a deadly Jabberwock stain her past, and she’ll need all the help she can get to reclaim her kingdom. Many a homemade potion will assist her future champion.

Megami Shiawase makes us do a double take with her portrayal of the White Queen. Her dark brows and rich red lips stand strong against her pale powdered face and hair. Sweet delicate details make their way throughout her costume, from the bell of her sleeves to the center of her bodice. She also uses her hands in whimsical gestures, like in the film, all whilst wearing serene expressions.



Photography by Alex Shmidt.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz