An Epic Cosplay Injection- Dr. Dakota from Planet Terror


Dr. Dakota Block, the anesthesiologist, lived a routine life walking the halls of the local Texas hospital along with her husband, Dr. William Block. Things come to a horrifying stop when patients begin arriving with some undeniably strange symptoms. Flesh-eating zombies are not common in her workplace, so when things start to get messy, the fight for survival becomes an excruciating challenge.

Cosplayer Jen not only looks the part for Dr. Dakota, but portrays it well with her mascara-drenched wide eyes and syringe wielding poses. Her and photographer, Kevin Chan, found some incredible locations to recreate the stressful night scene, and the military holding room. The overall mood couldn’t be any more perfect, and Jen recreates the pencil skirt wearing heroine to a ‘T’.



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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz