An Epic Cosplay of Femme Fatale Mai Shiranui that is on Fire!


Mai Shiranui is undeniably on of the sexiest ninjas around. Her perfectly polished fighting skills make her a fearsome opponent. In addition to her flawless ninja techniques she wields the ability to control fire, often being able to conjure it herself. Using every tool at her disposal, her revealing outfit emphasizes her figure, helping her seduce her opponents, causing them to lowers their defenses and become more susceptible to her attacks.


Mariedoll’s cosplay is epically sexy; with a costume that is right on point. Having a high attention to detail, Mariedoll’s the colors match perfectly and the design is well executed. The tails that hang off the garment are stunning and showcased exquisitely in the photos. She adds a bit of fun with a bright parasol, showcasing the characters playful side. The poses Mariedoll adopts not only highlight the craftsmanship of her cosplay, but also her seductive curves, just like Mai Shiranui’s. Mariedoll’s cosplay is the very essence of Mai Shiranui’s character.



Photography by Ed Hanson



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