An Impressive Cosplay of Devil May Cry’s Dante by ATC’s Hailey S.


Devil May Cry is an action-packed hack and slash video game developed by Capcom and created by Kideki Kamiya. The game was originally intended to be a sequel in the Resident Evil series, but it was made into a completely separate game due to the drastic differences from the style of Resident Evil.

The storyline follows Dante, who is a paranormal mercenary, private investigator, and a devil hunter. He is determined to avenge his mother’s murder and his brother’s corruption. He must follow a mission to kill demons and exterminate sinister supernatural forces in pursuit of those responsible for causing chaos amongst his family.


Hailey S Cosplay is the perfect female Dante. It isn’t easy to portray accuracy of a character of the opposite sex. Hailey’s gender-bend costume is incredibly true to the character with her light hair, long coat, and detailed weapons. She even has the same demeanor as Dante himself. Hailey is a part of the All That’s Cosplay team, and this cosplay is only one of the many reasons that we are proud to have her.




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Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman