An Out Of This World Orion Slave Girl Cosplay!


Don’t let the name fool you, Orion Slave women, also known as animal women, although sold as commodities around the galaxy can be irresistibly seductive. Well known as the vixens of the Star Trek universe, they’ve caused the Enterprise crew a few messy mishaps. In one particular instance, a couple of slave girls were presented as a peace gift between Earth and the Orions. Though, as it turns out, the Orion slaves were secret spies trying to wreak havoc upon the Enterprise, excreting so many pheromones into the air the crew was unable to concentrate on their task at hand.

I’m sure many people wouldn’t be able to concentrate either after seeing this beautiful Orion Slave Girl cosplay by Joanie Brosas. She looks positively stellar in this sexy pin up style photo. Personal touches, such as the necklace and leg wraps, added to the outfit make it arguably even better than the original.




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Written by Guest Contributor: Erica