Anarchy Stocking: A Sweet and Spiced Up Cosplay

Don’t get me wrong, Anarchy Stocking, best know as just “Stocking” is as sweet as pie, but don’t judge a book by just its cover. The gothic female angel from the anime Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt has a sweet and sassy style. Her signature navy and pink hair along with striped stockings hold special meaning to her character. Her stockings are what define her name as well as her abilities. It is said that when she takes off her stockings, they transform into katanas which she calls Stripe I & II. Her style shows off that formal and sweet side of her dyed-in darker colors.


Cosplayer Buta-kun well plays the part of the angel/Ghost Hunter through her intricate attention to meaning and expression of the character through her surroundings. Not only does Buta-kun use sweet pastries and treats to look good, but it also symbolizes the sweet side of Stocking. Stocking has a love for pastries and sugary foods but no matter what, she will contain from gaining weight. And, any comment of Stocking’s weight would still set her off even with her nice figure.


Surrounding is a great element when shooting as a character. It can sometimes even make or break the part you play. Finding out the biography on a character can determine her surroundings and also help you create with something as simple as your own living or bedroom. Here Buta-kun uses a casual grey couch and gothic styled wallpaper to suit Stocking’s dark side. It helps darken up the photo, therefore creating a balance between her cute appearance and her dark background. Buta-kun also surrounds herself with stuffed animals, fairly representing the stuffed animal Honekoneko (Bone Kitten) that Stocking carries around, often with the expression resembling Stocking’s mood.


Stocking is quite a unique character and would be a blast to cosplay as. Along with her sweet and dark characteristics, she’s an intelligent and some-what normal girl. It’s important to pay attention with what you surround yourself with as that can represent other characteristics of your character. Study the main parts of your characters costume as well and pay attention to detail in order to get your costume as accurate as possible. And don’t forget to just have fun. What do you say? Go ghost hunting and prepare for battle as Anarchy Stocking.


Photography by Pugoffka.

Written by Guest Contributor: JessicaVelocity
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