Andy Rae’s Warrior Jupiter Cosplay is Smashing

warrior-sailor-jupiter-cosplay-1Photography by ZRB

Sailor Jupiter, also known as Makoto or Lita, is one of the stronger Scouts in the inner senshi. Her school of celestial powers often relate to electricity and/or lightning, with her Sailor Scout colors being green and pink.

warrior-sailor-jupiter-cosplay-2Photography by Vivid Vision

Andy Rae‘s smashup concept of Sailor Jupiter with a warrior twist is really magnificent. The armor stylings are consistent with her standard look and really add to the cosplay in a natural way that I could see in the series. The armor is graceful and delicate – but functional and well placed. The colors are vibrant and well painted. All the small details add to the over all look rather than distract. She did a truly fantastic job with this and I look forward to more!



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