Yoko Littner Cosplay

Anime Cosplay: A Spunky and Sexy Yoko Littner Cosplay


Big Gunner – Top Stunner: Yoko is an immediately recognizable character from the popular Gurren Lagann series. A young woman from the village of Littner, Yoko is a talented fighter that utilizes an electromagnetic rifle. In a combat situation leading to a chance encouter with characters Kamina and Simon, Kamina initially diminishes her combat qualifications on the grounds of being a woman, yet acknowledges “that lady’s spunk”. Quickly becoming part of a love triangle – she finds herself infatuated with Kamina and crushed on by Simon.


Not just arm or eye candy – Yoko played a major part in the ‘war of liberation’. Distancing herself from a warrior past, she takes a new name and becomes a political player.


Yoko Littner Cosplay by Kiaraberry

Kiaraberry has a beautiful face that is a perfect palette for a Yoko Littner cosplay. Girlish yet elegant, her photos are charming with a bit of danger lurking in her eyes. The costume, while simple, is well constructed. With the simple color blocking of the main costume parts – it really comes down to the accessories: which were done with a keen eye. Her rifle is clean with its long lines and matte black coating, the colors of the buttons/accent pieces are bright and even, and her wig is organically styled. Fantastic job!



Photography by Eduard Luzhetskiy



Written by Guest Contributor: ShatteredStitch