Anime Cosplay Tuesday: An Outstanding Black Gold Saw Cosplay!


With long, luscious, glossy black hair and red eyes that project burning red flames, Black Gold Saw from the Anime Black Rock Shooter is not your ordinary female anime character. She also bears a slight resemblance to Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate.


Clad in a short, black biker jacket and armoured boots, Black Gold Saw has a pair of ebony black horns that fade into red at their tips, albeit with deadly skeletal claws. In the artworks, she’s seen sitting atop a giant skull, with her enormous saw-like sword in hand; a statutory position that instantly speaks she is one to be feared for she is strong and powerful, and capable of immeasurable damage.


Anime cosplay has intrigued me for so long, as far as I can remember. I first got into cosplay through friends who adored anime characters such as Black Gold Saw and many others. The gorgeous Belgian cosplayer, Leiuh has crafted an incredibly sexy and awe-inspiring cosplay of Black Gold Saw. As an enthusiast of huge armour and props, her giant saw is no doubt an eye-catching piece. This cosplay, in all its small but effective details, is absolutely amazing.


Photography by N8e

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