We’re Smitten with this Sailor Moon Luna Cosplay

Luna is best known as the wise feline companion to Usagi (or Serena for the dubbed Sailor Moon fans). However, in Sailor Moon S: The Movie, Luna is granted a human form as Princess Snow Kaguya after Sailor Moon makes a wish. Although Luna is only in this human form for a short period, her human form is just as, if not more, popular than her normal feline form.

Sailor Moon Luna Cosplay by Likanda

luna-cosplay-1Photography by Eva


It’s become more popular recently to do “gijinka” versions of non-human characters such as Pokemon, animal companions in anime, or other nerd sources like movies and comic books. However, there are few animals out there that have human forms written into the story. Luna’s transformation into Princess Kaguya in Sailor Moon S is one of the most beautifully animated sequences in the movie. Fans got to see Luna from a different perspective as a beautiful princess with true Sailor Moon-style elegance.

luna-cosplay-3Photography by Scarlet Sail

Russian cosplayer, Likanda, brings true grace to this Luna/Princess Kaguya cosplay. She perfectly executed Luna’s hairstyle, arguably one of the more difficult aspects of this cosplay. Unable to find a suitable wig as is, she made her Luna wig by combining 3 extra-long wigs. This extra effort to make this an epic cosplay is seen throughout her many other cosplays as well. Go and check out this beautiful cosplayer’s other work at her deviantART page!

luna-cosplay-4Photography by Marianna Insomnia