Anime Cosplay: This Sailor Neptune Cosplay Makes a Splash!


Since the new retelling of the ever popular Sailor Moon series (Sailor Moon Crystal) debuted recently, fans have been abuzz with nostalgia. Unfolding before our eyes was a whole new interpretation of a story about a magical girl, Usagi (or Serena), who has boy troubles, doesn’t perform well in school, and may not be the most graceful of swans, many things teenage girls can relate with closely. She is tasked unexpectedly with keeping the universe safe from evil, and of course a clumsy girl like Usagi couldn’t do it alone, she draws much of her power from her team mates and friends, the other Sailor Scouts.


For me, one of the highlights of the original series was the introduction of the outer Sailor Scouts; Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. They were all very mysterious and gave the show a new, fresh direction. Neptune in particular was a breath of fresh air. Graceful, smart and musically gifted, Micheru (Michelle in the English dub) uses primarily ocean based attacks to defeat her enemies. She was slightly unsociable, though whether you know her as Uranus’ cousin or lover (a misfortunate incident of western censorship during the surge of 90s anime) we know that the two are rarely without one another.


Umi Hyuga brings the charm of Sailor Neptune to life and beautifully recreates Micheru’s Scout costume. Neptune’s gloves are distinctly shorter than the other Sailor outfits and also features a larger jewel and choker. Umi especially compliments this ensemble with perfect makeup, the blue eyebrows add a really special touch.


Photography by Kryptonite Studio

Written by Guest Contributor: Erica