Anime Fans Will Love This Kosaki Onodera Cosplay From Nikesoi

I absolutely love the anime Nisekoi.  The story provides an equal blend of romance and comedy and features characters that are lovable, each in their unique way.  My personal favorite is Onodera, who is quite shy and meek but extremely friendly and just overall adorable.  When we saw one of All That’s Cosplay’s favorite cosplayers, Calssara, in this Kosaki Onodera cosplay, we just knew that it had to be featured!

Kosaki Onodera Cosplay by Calssara

Kosaki Onodera cosplay

Calssara embodies Onodera’s shy, adorable qualities effortlessly.  Calssara sports Onodera’s school uniform, which she created perfectly.  While this might be a simple cosplay, it is always wonderful to see a character that you have grown so fond of brought to life through cosplay.

Photography by Meermiau