Annie Transforms in Epic Female Titan Cosplay

In the Attack on Titan world humans were almost wiped out 100 years prior. Now confined to living within a series of three walls, no one even remembers what a Titan even looks like. That is until one day a Titan attacks and breaks through the outer Wall Maria. Many join the military in order to combat these titans, who seem to have an insatiable need to eat humans on sight. Annie is a 104 Trainee Squad member with considerable hand-to-hand combat experience. Using this experience she is one of the top cadets and helps Eren by teaching him various techniques. She can also transform into a Titan which makes the most use of her training.


With an amazing body paint session comes an amazing Female Titan cosplay by Nuna Cosplay. Featuring the makeup and painting skills of Ophélie Veret Makeup Artist & Isabelle Veret Laques, this titan is not an old legend. Showcasing the emphasis on musculature she is covered in red and white. With Annie’s shining blonde hair and posing in her fighting stance, Nuna Cosplay makes an amazing Female Titan.


 Photography by Julien Rico Photographe