C-3PO and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Anthony Daniels Talks Episode 7 C-3PO, Star Wars Rebels

The actor behind the faithful, gilded protocol droid C-3PO recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which he discussed his involvement in the future of the Star Wars Franchise.

EW asked about Daniels coming back to play C-3PO in Star Wars Episode 7. Daniels says J.J. Abrams had asked him if he would prefer to simply voice C-3PO. Daniels shot that down pretty quick. But he also said that if he was going to return in person, in costume, some adjustments would have to be made. “I also said that it can’t be the same suit. I will tell you that the team then got together and built a new suit. They made an entirely new look-a-like with changes that you will never notice [on screen] that made my life a lot easier. I can get it on and off very quickly.”

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Hopefully this means Daniels will be as comfortable as possible while still being able to fussily shamble about as he has done throughout the movies. Many fans will remember humorous in hind sight stories about original trilogy behind the scenes stories about the C-3PO suit being fragile and not the most comfortable.

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EW also asked Daniels about Star Wars Rebels and what makes it unique. His response: “It’s unique that it goes very specifically to a given period of time, which is just before the film that I happened to like the best — which is A New Hope, the first one.” Unique for Daniels, I presume. Many Star Wars fans could tell you that there are plenty of already existence Star Wars media that take place somewhat immediately before Episode 4. Whatever, Anthony Daniels being in just about any Star Wars media certainly makes it more authentic in my book.

Star Wars Rebels premieres October 3 and Star Wars Episode 7 is still on schedule for December 2015.