Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Will Have You in Shock and Awe!


Miss Fortune is one of the most iconic League of Legends champions hands down, being recognized by those who aren’t even familiar with the popular Riot MOBA game. Sarah (her real name) can easily destroy her opponents with her absurd firepower, aided by her two guns branded “Shock and Awe”, speed and slow-down abilities. Players are also able to choose from a variety of skins, with Miss Fortune boasting around seven. One of Miss Fortune’s most playful costumes is her Arcade skin, offering unique game-centric animations such as blinking out of existence when she dies (typical of old school platform games) or shooting ducks at a TV screen after she recalls, with fellow character Gangplank showing up on the screen to taunt her. A flashback to the old NES game Duck Hunt.


While Miss Fortune’s original costume is easily one of the most distinguishable, you can bet that the new Arcade skin will quickly become just as popular due to this amazing cosplay. Glory Lamothe worked hard to recreate the devilish champion’s arcade outfit, while posing surrounded by arcade machines to additionally kick up the fun factor. From the top of her Mario inspired hat, to the bottom of her checkerboard skirt, no detail is forgotten. Staying true to the original artwork, a Nintendo Gameboy is seen on her hip and her guns resemble Nintendo NES zappers. Your love for retro will blossom again when you see this epic cosplay.


Photography by Sans Frontieres


Written by Guest Contributor: Erica