One Piece Perona Cosplay From Armies of the Undead

Bow Down to This ‘Armies of the Undead’ Perona Cosplay

Leader of her very own zombie army and blessed with powers to summon ghosts, Perona is a force to be reckoned with.  Stubborn and proud, she exudes a resolute attitude, but doesn’t hold back on looking downright adorable. Which goes hand-in-hand with her serious obsession with all things cute.

Kotori Cosplay totally rocks the cute and fun ensemble of Perona. The perfect queens’ crown atop her bubblegum pink hair, matching royal shoulder cape, and a most elegant (and a little menacing) parasol! She even added the baby doll bottom lashes!  A perfectly sweet and wonderful cosplay execution!


You can see more of Kotori’s Perona along with many other gorgeous costumes at her DeviantArt page!

Photography by Michael Dominquez.

Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz