This Groovy Ash Williams Cosplay has her Boomstick

Ash Williams Cosplay by Leanna Vamp


“This is my boomstick.” That’s all that fans of Evil Dead need to hear to know that Ash Williams is on his way with his sawed off shotgun and chainsaw. The only recurring character through the original Evil Dead movie trilogy, Ash is a verified badass and deadite survivor.

The Evil Dead trilogy has become a cult classic and has spread into other forms of media like the three mini-issue run by Dark Horse Comics and some video games. Ash Williams has also been parodied in several other shows like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. For fans of Lollipop Chainsaw, there is also a special “Ash Williams” skin for Juliet Starling.


The absolutely stunning LeeAnna Vamp brings us a “groovy” Ash Williams genderbend. Complete with chainsaw and her boomstick, LeeAnna Vamp nails yet another horror cosplay. LeeAnna is no stranger to the cosplay scene and has been consistently bringing epic cosplays to us over the years. If you have somehow not heard of this amazing lady by now, go check out her page now to get caught up with her cosplay wonders!

 Photography by Saffels Photography