Asuka Cosplay is Ready to Pilot Her EVA

The world of Neon Genesis Evangelion is a dangerous one, where young teens pilot large robotic EVA units to fight the influx of enemy “angels” attacking their city. Asuka Langley Soryu, EVA Pilot 02 is a headstrong and prideful young woman who struggles throughout the series to find her place, both within her mind and in the context of her world. Asuka is designated as the “Second Child” a great responsibility, protecting the lives of millions, rests on her shoulders.

Megan Coffey has given Asuka’s classic red and orange plug suit a fresh new look.  Keeping with Asuka’s color scheme, this design is based off of the Test Type plugsuit worn in Evangelion 2.0. Megan’s design is an adorable two-piece outfit, with “TEST” spelled out across the top of the outfit and the cuffs of the plugsuit turned into two adorable stylish bracelets. The NERV hair clips coordinate with this prototype suit perfectly. Megan looks so stylish and chic as Asuka, with her awesome one of a kind design she really brings the character to life.



Photography by Sateriale Productions and Kaze Photography