Asuna is a Vision in Blue Thanks to This Amazing Cosplay

Sword Art Online’s popularity has quickly picked up speed after its release, fans falling in love with its plot and characters. There’s no denying that the two main protagonists, Kirito and Asuna, was what reeled people in — the addiction to their story and where the game might take them keeping viewers enticed. While most might not have thought much of Asuna at first, as she came off shy in her original appearance, the girl quickly showed what she was made of. Not only was she skilled with a sword but she was sharp witted, able to take her enemies down with her blade and with her tongue.


Her sass and sweetness is what caused fans to fall in love, as she seemed to be the full package. Who isn’t attracted to a woman who can hold her own? Especially when faced with such circumstance as Asuna was. Sword Art Online has taken fans in different directions as far as the plot goes, but the characters have stayed true to who they are.


This, and many other reasons, is probably why cosplayers have chosen to don one of Asuna’s many outfits. While there have been more than a handful of Asuna cosplays, Yumi Cosplay has done one of the better jobs out there. The details of Asuna, following the Undine ALO version, is executed flawlessly. The care to detail is obviously there and Asuna has become more than just an anime character, she’s become real.

Photography by Bel Ninja Photographe and Marc-Antoine Bertocchini