ATC’s Own Rennie Starks in a Stunning Sailor Venus Cosplay!


We have seen an ever-increasing amount of Sailor Moon-themed cosplays, especially recently with Sailor Moon Crystal releasing worldwide.  Yet, we can never get enough of the Sailor Scouts in their peppy ensembles.  However, there is one Sailor Venus cosplay in particular that catches our eye– and it’s done by All That’s Cosplay’s very own Rennie Starks.  Are we biased? Maybe. But you can’t deny how adorable this cosplay is!


Rennie has been a part of the Conslayer staff for many months now, and has proven herself to be a fantastic journalist, both in the cosplay and video game realms.  She is also constantly creating new epic cosplays of her favorite fandoms, including the likes of Crysta from Ferngully, Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, and Tiny Tina from Borderlands.  Rennie is surely a cosplayer that is going to make a big name for herself, and we are glad to have her aboard the All That’s Cosplay crew.  Check out her author page to see some of her epic writing and be sure to Follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook!

sailor-venus-cosplay-3 sailor-venus-cosplay-4 sailor-venus-cosplay-6

Photography by 4D Studios