Attack on Titan’s Annie is Seemingly Innocent in This Cosplay

People have been going crazy about Attack on Titan over the past handful of years, and with it’s continual rise in popularity people have grown quite attached to both the manga and anime series. It’s interesting plot line — one that centers on fighting against giant sized Titans, reels people in but the characters are what keep you wanting more. Whether it’s Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Jean or the plethora of other characters you’ve grown attached to everyone has their favorites — even the bad guy, err girl, has gained praise from fans.


Annie Leonhart is one of the characters that people have grown attached to and cosplayers have taken on the girl in her various forms. While there have been many Attack on Titan cosplayers, some do a better job than others. ZombieQueenAlly is one of the better takes on Annie Leonhart, fine tuning any details that one might need to perfect in order to nail such a cosplay. However, ZombieQueenAlly has done it with ease truly bringing Annie to life.

annie-cosplay-3 annie-cosplay-1

Photography by TooShy Photographs