Ayriath Brings Us a Truly Angelic Panty Cosplay

panty-cosplay-1Photography by Vigarath

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is a unique anime about angels. Panty, everyone’s favorite angelic bad-girl, was kicked out of heaven for her wily ways. Named for the part of her clothing she uses in battle – Panty removes her undergarments which transform into a ghost-killing pistol called Blacklace. She can use other people’s undergarments in the heat of battle – but the results are often random and unexpected. She takes her job as a ghosthunter less seriously than her sister, and far less seriously than her main focus of living a celebrity lifestyle.


What can I say? Ayriath is Panty perfection in this cosplay. Her choices of contrasting texture fabrics, soft curves, and bright pinks emulate Panty’s angel transformation outfit down to the last detail. Even the detail to the wig styling and eye color are subtle, yet powerful additions to the costume. Fantastic work!

panty-cosplay-3Photography by JR Flood




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