Back to the Future

Back to the Future Getting Huge 30th Anniversary Screening

Back to the Future has less than four months to prove to us that it can still ultimately turn out to be prophetic about auto-fit clothes, hoverboards and flying cars.

But perhaps there is still hope! Secret Cinema is building a very special event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved Robert Zemeckis film. The company is recreating the town of Hill Valley, the central suburban California neighborhood where Marty McFly’s adventures across the entire trilogy take place. All the famous locations from the film are there, including the clock tower through which Marty traveled back to the future, Marty’s High School and 20 fully functional shops manned by a cast of 74 extras to make the town feel alive and lived in. Hopefully, one of them will include the Café 50s where I can get a Pepsi free, without sugar, and make awkward passes at the popular girls and woo them with lines about density.

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After spending some time in Hill Valley, attendees get to watch the original film on a massive projector onto a wall of the town hall. Awesome. Secret Cinema has already held this immersive experience in London where it was a tremendous success. Now the experience is coming to Los Angeles. Where, exactly, is being kept under wraps for the time being by Secret Cinema for the time being, part of the allure I suppose. Such an experience isn’t going to cost about an average movie going experience either, but for something like this? $100 doesn’t seem that steep.

Get a sneak peak at the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary screening below.


Source: Cinema Blend