Back To The Future: The Game Gets Special 30th Anniversary Edition

This year is the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future, the beloved 1985 classic about a time traveling DeLorean. It’s a classic movie, and the trilogy as a whole is one of my personal favorites, up there with the original Star Wars trilogy and Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings movies. To celebrate the release of this movie, Telltale Games has announced a special edition of their adaption of the series, the aptly titled Back To The Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition. A trailer for it was released as well, which you can check out below.

Originally released in 2010, the five episodes take place directly after the conclusion of the third film and start off with Marty having to back in time to save his friend Doc Brown, and before long goes another time traveling quest to fix the timeline, full of cameos and nods to the film. The 30th Anniversary Edition maintains everything that was great about the original release, but adds updates the textures to take advantage of current gen consoles, updated voice acting (including getting the Tom Wilson to reprise his role as Biff Tannen), and even some new behind the scenes videos with the dev team and the voice actors about the impact the movies had.

Back to The Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition is set to release both digitally and physically on October 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 and October 16th in Europe.