Baroness Cosplay Has Deadly Charm

Baroness from the universe of G.I. Joe may seem like an odd role model for young women, but as a young girl watching G.I. Joe reruns, I found her intelligence and practical abilities to be very intriguing. Unlike many other cartoon female characters, she was anything but fluff, and didn’t need constant saving by a male counterpart. She’s a femme fatale who’s high up in Cobra operations, and, in fact, is head of their intelligence unit. Though she was certainly one of the baddies, I looked up to her.

Baroness originally appeared in the first issue of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic series by Marvel in June of 1982. She has long black hair, black rimmed glasses, and a skin tight black leather (or sometimes shiny latex-looking) outfit. She’s a dark, sensual, femme fatale, who is beautifully, very intelligent, and ruthless. In the comic, cartoon, and live-action movie, she is romantically linked with Destro, and is the only one who knows his secret identity.

Though she’s created to look very sexy and every inch the femme fatale, she’s way more than an idle sex symbol. As the head of Cobra intelligence, she deals with cryptography, psychological warfare, and bio-chemical irritants. She was also created to be a complex character, who’s cynical yet romantic, blunt and yet prone to beating around the bush. She’s well skilled for warfare, and knows her way around weapons and vehicles of war.

Though G.I. Joe is an old series and toy line, Baroness remains a highly recognizable character and makes for a killer, sexy cosplay. Here, Katyuska MoonFox brings her life with a glorious cosplay that shows off both Baroness’ physical assets and deadly charm. She’s got the look down pat. Everything is on point, from the hair, to the black body suit, to the glasses and guns. Seeing a cosplay like this is nostalgic for a lot of us who grew up with the comic and cartoon, and serves to introduce the character to a new generation of cosplay fans.


Photography by What A Big Camera