Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition Release Pushed Back in UK

More bad news is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight fans, as it looks like another limited edition has been delayed. The positive of this being that at least it hasn’t been outright cancelled, but there’s never any fun in waiting for something you really want. The Rocksteady title has an Amazon Exclusive of the Limited Edition and it’s been pushed back due to “packaging quality issue” from the manufacturer. “We want to ensure that your order reaches you in pristine condition and your item, with the updated packaging, should be with you no later than 14 July, 2015,”  Amazon said.

To make up for the delay — and to ensure that those who got the limited edition can still play, Amazon will be offering game codes in order for gamers to get their hands on the title, digitally anyway, on June 23rd. It was earlier this week that the Batmobile Edition of the game was cancelled due to  “unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality”. The Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition comes with the same content as the Batmobile Edition, the biggest difference being that instead of the Batmobile players get a Batman statue instead.

Batman: Arkham Knight released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 next week.