Batman Villain Harley Quinn Gets Insanely Epic Cosplay

The popularity of Harley Quinn has boomed over the past year, especially with the announcement of her involvement in the upcoming Suicide Squad film in which she is portrayed by the gorgeous Margot Robbie.  We all know that Harley Quinn is more than her fair share of insane, which is exactly what makes us love her.  Her upbeat, spunky personality and outflow of love towards former-lover, The Joker, and best friend, Poison Ivy, makes her so easy to grow attached to.


Cosplay PrettyWreck Cosplay shows just how insane Harley is by creating a costume of her in which she is wrapped up in a straight jacket.  In true Harley style, though, she still maintains an adorable grin.  PrettyWreck has many more incredible cosplays, which you can check out by visiting her Facebook page!

harley-quinn-cosplay-3 harley-quinn-cosplay-1


Photography by Amaleigh Photography