Battle Bunny Riven Cosplay Hops to Victory

Riven was once one of Noxus’ most skilled warriors. Driven, determined, and unafraid of death, she followed orders without hesitation. This all changed when Noxus invaded Ionia. Instead of the war that Riven had prepared for, she was faced with an extermination. Still, she obeyed her commands even though inklings of moral conflict were growing in her mind. She turned her back on Noxus when her unit became surrounded during one mission. Instead of being sent backup or a route to pull out, Noxus sent in Singed. His poison killed friend and foe alike, with only Riven escaping. Shattering her sword, she wandered in search of atonement for what she had done.


MiuMoonlight captures Riven’s lighter side in her Battle Bunny Riven cosplay. Wearing a black leotard, white bunny ears, tail, and giant bunny paw, she is super cute. Purple stockings, red lace up heels, mini black tie hanging from a white collar, and a carrot adorned belt complete the outfit. Wielding a giant broken carrot sword, she is ready to cleave through her enemies.

Photography by Benny Cosplay Photography