Battle-Ready Sylveon Cosplay will Leave You Stunned!


There isn’t much cuter than Pokemon, and especially when it comes to Sylveon. The adorable critter evolves from Eevee, and comes equipped with a Fairy-type move and two Affection hearts. It’s hues of white, pink, and blue all add to it’s pretty features, combining soft with sweet. The Pokemon even dons its own bows, one on its left ear and the other “pinned” to its neck. The feelers that Sylveon has allow for one to “awe” out loud, as it often uses them to hold hands with their trainer.


Some might not think much of Sylveon passed it’s adorable good looks, and the fact that it’s a Pokemon but they would be wrong — at least where cosplay is concerned. In fact, cosplayers have taken a liking to transforming their favorite characters into life-like or human-esque versions of themselves. While some do a good job of it, some do an amazing job and amongst the prestigious rankings are CookieKabuki. This blonde haired, blue eyed beauty has taken the Pokemon to heights it’s never reached before. By adding guns and bullets, Sylveon has an edgy flare to its adorableness, giving it a badass look.





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