Battlefield 4’s Latest Update Comes With New Maps, Weapons, and More

It wasn’t that long ago when DICE stated that they would be bringing classic maps to Battlefield 4 via the “Veteran Project”. Some of you may remember when DICE first mentioned it, and if you don’t that’s alright too. The important thing to take from it is that the intent is still there. The company still plans to bring classic Battlefield maps into Battlefield 4, which mixes a bit of the old in with the modern.

Westie is the one who brought the update on the classic maps forth, stating that the Veteran Project is still underway. Additionally, one of the developers even commented on the Veteran Project and stated that more information would be coming gamers’ way soon. Check out Westie’s video below for the scoop on what is known openly thus far. Are you guys excited for what’s to come? What maps do you want to make their way over to Battlefield 4?