Bayonetta Cosplay Quests to Save Her Clan Sister from Inferno


The calm and playful Bayonetta makes another appearance in Bayonetta 2. After having woken from a 500 year sleep and questing to recover her lost memories, Bayonetta has grown closer to Jeanne, another Umbra Witch. After a summoning gone wrong, Bayonetta takes Jeanne’s Umbra Watch and goes to Inferno to rescue her soul. As the games progress she goes from being slightly cold to a caring person, especially when it comes to her clan sisters. Even though her mission to Inferno is heavily against her, she still fights through countless enemies in a race against time.


Cosplayer Carolina Angulo uses her hair to create Bayonetta’s outfit from Bayonetta 2. Featuring a shorter bob but still in the skin tight bodysuit, Carolina Angulo is ready to fight demons and angels alike. The attention to detail is amazing as the silver designs along the front are perfect along with the frills on the gloves and her shoulders. The guns are amazing as she is ready to practice her Bullet Arts.



Photography by Michael Homunculu